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Common headphone classification

Sports headphones
When sports earphones are designed, they usually adopt a hanging ear design. This design can ensure that the earphones will not fall during our running. Friends who like sports can choose this kind of earphones.


Most of the earphones have rubber heads. The speakers of this kind of earphones directly enter the inner cavity of the ear, so the sound will be better when listening to songs, but it is not good for us to perceive the surrounding environment. It is not recommended to use it when walking.


Wired headset
Some earphones are traditional earphones, which are connected to the mobile phone through the earphone jack and the wire harness. The biggest feature of this kind of earphone is the reliable sound transmission.


Wireless Headphones
Wireless headsets are also known as Bluetooth headsets. They are connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth, which can get rid of the constraints of the headset cable, but they may affect the sound to a certain extent.