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How to choose a good headset

1. How to define a good headset?

Good headphones have high resolution, better separation of musical instruments and vocals, and more details can be heard;

Through good earphones, you can roughly determine the approximate position of various instruments in the music, whether far or near;

Good earphones are very hurt, and you will feel that the low, medium and high tri-band connection is natural, and the transition is smooth;

The sound of a good headset is concentrated, strong, not muddy, and always clear.

2. How to find the right volume?

The earphone damage to the ear is not because it is close to the ear, but because it is very noisy when the earphone is used too much, so it is easy to adjust the volume too loudly. From the perspective of hearing protection, the more earphones that can isolate external noise, the easier it is to listen to music at a lighter volume.

Everyone’s suitable volume is different,

-There is a simple self-test method-choose a particularly quiet environment, choose what you usually listen to, and increase the volume from the minimum until the ears feel noisy and uncomfortable. Write down this volume value and set it as the maximum limit No matter which environment you are in, do not exceed the volume in the future.