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Headphone characteristics of each country

     Specifically, a headset suitable for use with a digital walkman should be a model with a sensitivity higher than 100 decibels and an impedance lower than 100 ohms. Such a headset, even a relatively thin digital Walkman with an output power of only about 10 milliwatts per channel, can be driven well and give satisfactory sound quality. Of course, when you buy a digital Walkman, it is better to choose a model with a larger output power, so that the range when choosing a headset is wider.

   The European-style earphones are professional and rigorous, with original sound and excellent fidelity. They can restore authenticity, have little sound dyeing, and have more monitoring components. They are generally designed for professional equipment and are difficult to drive. Most products require professional earphones. Amplifier.

    Among them, the Japanese-style headphones are generally more pleasing to consumers, with beautiful appearance and heavier sound modification, which means that the sound is more severe; in addition, the lower impedance and high sensitivity make the Japanese-style headphones have a good drive. -Japanese manufacturer.

    American headphones have a unique tone, warm and thick sound, strong bass, and its sound is of its own kind. There is also the saying of "American Voice" among audiophiles. Its product drive is similar to Japanese-style headphones, and it is generally not difficult to use digital walkmans.

    The matters needing attention are as follows:

    When buying earphones, you need to choose the earphones that suit you according to your own preferences and economic conditions. The correct choice can make the low price meet your high requirements. A full understanding of the characteristics of the earphones will be of great help to future purchases.